Friday, May 25, 2007

Patches of color

Patches of color. Monet was such a genius. He believed that when painting, the most important task was to not look at what you were painting, but rather the way that light reflected on surfaces, creating beautiful and unique patches of color on the surreal surface of a subject. In this way, your mind must disregard any preconceptions about "pond" or "daisy" or "tree" and instead see the shapes and arrangements of lights, darks, color, and texture.

I have applied this technique to my own art and it's amazing how humbling the experience is. Who knew that a pear was not only green, but rather a picturesque assortment of red, yellow, and purple?

And this got me thinking. I feel a deep need and want to apply this humbling technique on how I view every subject. Not just in painting. But in the way I treat people, the way I form opinions, and the way I choose to live. What if, instead of applying all of my preconceived notions about individuals and ideas, I sat back and the way different cultures, environments, and situations shape people, form opinions, and arrange life? Sure, much like when I paint, I must leave room for my interpretation, but only after I have keenly observed the impressions and reflections of light on my subjects.

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Melissa said...

yay!!!! You have an amazing title for your blog...very creative much like your personality...I have much to tell you sweet girl...we need to talk soon!!! : )