Friday, October 8, 2010

Simple gift wrapping

It's my husband's birthday today!! Happy Birthday, Scott! You have finally hit your mid-20s!

I love this man so much. As Julie and Julia would say, "You are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life."

He cooks for me when I have school, he cleans the house when I am away. He picks up his clothes from the day before so that when I wake up I don't have to see them lying around. He knows how to love me in all the ways I need, whether that be a back rub at night, a nice text in the middle of the day, or a clean kitchen when I come back from night class.

I love you, Scott :-)

OK. All mushy-ness aside, Scott wanted one thing for his birthday: a new rain jacket. He has been asking for one of these for a while now and we (as in his immediate family and my parents, as well as myself) finally got him one! I was in a hurry to wrap this gift before he came home, so I pulled out an old manila envelope and some scrap ribbon and wrapped away!

Again, I am person who needs instant gratification, so this wrapping took all of 3 minutes.

What you need:
Used manila envelope (preferably one that is still in tact)
Scrap ribbon
Gift to wrap

(my scrap ribbon drawer. one of many treasure troves in my library cataloging piece)

What to do:
Stuff the gift inside the envelope
Seal the top
Wrap with a ribbon

I love how the old writing and postage is still visible :-)

Blessings and happy Fall!


apples. more than just food.

I know I have said this many times and I will keep on: I love fall. It is God's gift to Houston, Texas.

One thing I love about fall is apples. For me, they are a symbol of cool weather, gentle breezes, bright suns, and falling leaves. Not to mention the perfect crunch followed by a light sweetness you experience when you eat one. Yum :-)

I bought a 3 lb. bag of apples today because I am making Scott an apple cake for his birthday (which is TODAY!). But, instead of hiding them in the refrigerator, I thought that they deserved a much more exciting home (at least until they are devoured).

This took me all of 1 minute to do, and it looks so tasty and fall-ish!

What you need:
Cake stand or trey

What to do:
Place stand in the center of your dining room table
Adorn with apples to your liking


Now wasn't that easy?



Sunday, October 3, 2010

(slightly) New Layout!

Friends and family,

You may (or may not) have noticed that I have added tabs to the top of my blog page! I will no longer keep my recipes, crafts, travels, etc. on the left side of my blog. Instead, they will be posted under these tabs. Please browse!

Also, I have added a quick "Subscribe to TFK" button on the right side of the home page so that you can easily subscribe to my blog in several popular "readers", such as Google Reader, My Yahoo, and Bloglines, to name a few!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sarah's bachelorette party + afternoons in the park.

Hello! Well, the weather is positively gorgeous around these parts! Just sunny and breezy with large trees casting perfect shadows. I LOVE FALL. It is my favorite season.

Quick update on the husband and I:

I had one of those days on Thursday where the hits just keep on coming....
-I found a tiny lump on my lower jaw about a 3 weeks ago and finally decided to see a doctor about it--doctor said it's probably nothing but a benign cyst, but I am getting it biopsied on Tuesday morning, just to be safe. Left the doctor feeling anxious, not reassured. But my wonderful Daddy helped me feel better about it.
-Found out that it's going to cost us about $300 to have my lump biopsied. Fabulous.
-My computer crashed when I got to my internship. Yes. Computer=dead.
-It's going to cost $300 to have my computer fixed. Awesome.
-I came home to my wonderful husband who made everything better :-) I love him.

Scott went to Kansas last weekend and had just a wonderful time! He met his favorite author, Wendell Berry, went to a barn dance, visited University of Kansas, and camped with his close friends from JBU. He so loved this little getaway--I wish I could have been there with him!

Last Saturday, I went to Sarah's bachelorette party! Yes, this is the Sarah I have been blogging about :-) Her "real" wedding is in November, so the bachelorette party was technically on time, even though she is already married! We had a BLAST! Since she has already lost her hair, she requested that everyone wear wigs, which turned out to be the perfect accessory for the event! There was a rainbow of wigs topping each of our heads. We got lots of funny looks at the nice restaurant we ate at, but it was hilarious and such good fun!

That would be me, on the right, in the Lady Gaga hot pink wig. My sweet friend, R, is on the left. We thought that a serious face was appropriate...

Sarah on the right, her sister on the left. We ate at a very nice restaurant, Benjy's.

Opened gifts at E's house!

Last night, Scott and I went separate ways to have a girls night and a guys night with our friends. I went over to my friend A's house and we made homemade pizza with some veggies from our farmers market! It was SOOO tasty! She is quite the good cook--I learned from her last night to brush olive oil and crushed garlic over the crust BEFORE you cook it. Wow. So, so good. It makes the crust slightly crisp on the outside, perfectly garlic-y, but still soft in the middle....Yummmmm..... We drank wine and ate some of my lemon cake (recipe to come later...!), then sat down for a chick-flick called The Jane Austen Book Club. Scott went to the movies with some of his guy friends and saw The Town, then headed over to one of our favorite cafes, Brasil, for beer. It was nice to spend quality time with friends!

Today, Scott woke up at 5:50 a.m. to go to the REI Garage Sale. Basically, you wait outside in line for 4+ hours to get in the doors when they open at 9:00 a.m., swim through a mass of crazies to get really cheap, yet awesome stuff, hide yourself in a corner to sort through it all, then wait in another long line to buy it. He so kindly asked if I wanted to go. I said no thanks, have fun! He spend $70 and got a tent, a brand new pair of running shoes, a bike light, and 2 camping chairs!! Whoa! He decided to pitch the tent in our living room to see how large it was. Well, it's large enough to take up our living room!

Poor guy, the tent was so hard to put up that he crashed on the couch moments later....

(it wasn't that hard, he just woke up at 5:50 on a Saturday, which is also conducive to crashing on the couch) He evidently forgot that the tent is where he was supposed to be sleeping.

Later, Scott and I met friends at a nearby park for crochet (sp?), frisbee, and laying around! It was beautiful outside today. I brought my notes to study for a midterm, but I did not get much accomplished...

R, making a shot!

Maybe it was a good shot, maybe it wasn't....

Thinking out his next move...
Sweet L with her dog and pregnant tummy!!

We went to church at 5:00 (new Saturday service), then came home for a night in, just the two of us :-) As we speak, Scott is cuddled up next to me FAST asleep as we watch a Red Box flick, Last Chance Harry.

Well, that's about it on this end! I have 2 recipes to share with you and a quick project! Stay tuned!!