Friday, October 8, 2010

apples. more than just food.

I know I have said this many times and I will keep on: I love fall. It is God's gift to Houston, Texas.

One thing I love about fall is apples. For me, they are a symbol of cool weather, gentle breezes, bright suns, and falling leaves. Not to mention the perfect crunch followed by a light sweetness you experience when you eat one. Yum :-)

I bought a 3 lb. bag of apples today because I am making Scott an apple cake for his birthday (which is TODAY!). But, instead of hiding them in the refrigerator, I thought that they deserved a much more exciting home (at least until they are devoured).

This took me all of 1 minute to do, and it looks so tasty and fall-ish!

What you need:
Cake stand or trey

What to do:
Place stand in the center of your dining room table
Adorn with apples to your liking


Now wasn't that easy?



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