Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is it already Tuesday??

They all said this week would go by fast, but goodness! The hours are soaring past and often times I think, "what exactly have I gotten accomplished today...?" Then, as I was washing my face tonight I noticed that my right thumb and pointer finger were red and sore. "Oh yeah... I stuck over 600 hair pins into 12"X12" styrofoam blocks to hold down the sheet moss... whose idea was this for the centerpieces?" Mine. Don't get me wrong, it will look great :-) But my fingers are reaping the consequences! The rest of week entails tying 1/4" width ribbon onto 222 programs through 1/8" holes punched in the fold, hair-pinning 5 bags of moss onto my 28" wide by 18" tall styrofoam cake stand, and placing 250 water bottle labels with Scott and I's name on it onto 250 water bottles that already have a very attractive Ozarka label glued around the circumference. I say all of this with a smirk on my face and slight chuckle because, though it all sounds a little crazy (because it is), it is what my mom and I planned and we really are enjoying the process :-) After all, what would a Huddleston wedding be without plenty of Do-It-Yourself projects? I will float down the aisle with a pretty smile on my face, a fresh pedicure on my toes, and blisters on my fingers.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

1 More Week!

Wow. Is it really only one more week?! Scott and I have been waiting for 6 1/2 years for this day! We have been watching the weather like crazy, since we have an outdoor wedding, and so far so good! It is going to be sunny with a high of 89 degrees. A little warm, but at least there is NO RAIN!

Scott is home now :-) He graduated from JBU last Saturday (Magna Cum Laude!!) and now he is home to help us out. My dad has really put him to work. He has been power washing all of the rock and limestone outside in my parents backyard, which is a surprisingly long task. I have been doing the inside duties like cleaning, organizing, finishing last minute details for the wedding, etc. The both of us have told ourselves that all of this work is just getting us that much closer to our wedding day and that much more grateful that we have a honeymoon to follow!!

I will try to post some this next week. We'll see how crazy things get!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Only 2 1/2 weeks left!!

Since coming home, I am officially in full-on wedding mode! We have been printing, cutting, folding, punching, and putting ribbon on 240 programs for the past 2 days and pretty soon we will be making center pieces for all of the tables! This DIY mentality has been so much fun, though, because it is what my mom and I are all about! We LOVE this stuff!! I will not say that it was has been stress-free, but I am determined to have a POSITIVE attitude during this whole process :-) I want to have all good memories from the process and obviously the BIG DAY. Today I am going to Irv and LouAnn White's place to order Scott and I's wedding bands. Running a bit late on that one, haha. Irv said that they should arrive in plenty of time, though.

Well, that is all I have for now! Have a blessed afternoon!