Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is it already Tuesday??

They all said this week would go by fast, but goodness! The hours are soaring past and often times I think, "what exactly have I gotten accomplished today...?" Then, as I was washing my face tonight I noticed that my right thumb and pointer finger were red and sore. "Oh yeah... I stuck over 600 hair pins into 12"X12" styrofoam blocks to hold down the sheet moss... whose idea was this for the centerpieces?" Mine. Don't get me wrong, it will look great :-) But my fingers are reaping the consequences! The rest of week entails tying 1/4" width ribbon onto 222 programs through 1/8" holes punched in the fold, hair-pinning 5 bags of moss onto my 28" wide by 18" tall styrofoam cake stand, and placing 250 water bottle labels with Scott and I's name on it onto 250 water bottles that already have a very attractive Ozarka label glued around the circumference. I say all of this with a smirk on my face and slight chuckle because, though it all sounds a little crazy (because it is), it is what my mom and I planned and we really are enjoying the process :-) After all, what would a Huddleston wedding be without plenty of Do-It-Yourself projects? I will float down the aisle with a pretty smile on my face, a fresh pedicure on my toes, and blisters on my fingers.

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Katie Claire said...

hey there lovely lady :) I like the way you wrote this entry... I could just imagine your grin and sarcasm! haha. I rescheduled my babysitting on Thursday, so I'm hoping to make it down by about 1! Let some of those craft projects for me to do... I promise I will not complain!