Thursday, January 13, 2011

sad day

Well, folks, I just returned from Portland, OR for a lovely trip with my husband to visit my dear, dear friend, Katie, over at Katie's Handmades. This, in fact, was not sad, but WONDERFUL! We had such a fabulous time seeing the sights of Portland and surrounding areas. My husband and I took lots of beautiful photos that I am sad to say, I cannot share with you at this time. Why, you ask? Because I am an idiot.

Let me explain.

So on our flight from Albeqerque (sp?) to Houston, we were in a rush to get home because we were tired from traveling all day and I..... left my camera in the plane. We got all the way home, ate dinner, settled in for bed, and it wasn't until the next morning that I realized what I had done. I immediately started panicking and crying lying like a pathetic little child and pacing around the house like a rat in a confusing maze. It took me a while to calm myself and call Southwest to see what I needed to do. The woman I spoke with on the phone was very kind, listened to my sob story, filled out a Lost and Found Claims Form for me (writing down every detail I told her, bless her) and told me what would happen now. So. Basically the flight attendants thoroughly search the plain after every flight, turn in anything they find to the gate attendant, who then takes it to lost and found, boxes it up, and FedExs the boxes to the Central Baggage Processing facility in Dallas, TX. From there, all of the claims are sifted through along with the boxes until a match is made. Then, they call you. I was very disappointed to find out that this process can take as long as 4 weeks and in the end, they may not even find your item. What kept being emphasized to me was, "it will do you no good to call here. We will call YOU if we find your camera." So, bummer. Big, big bummer. Thankfully, we still have our little point-and-shoot, but it's just not the same *sigh*

Our renter's insurance will cover the camera, should I not hear back from Southwest, which is nice. Katie, bless her, is also an avid photographer and took TONS of pictures of our travels, which she has graciously offered to send me. Thanks, friend! :-)

Until I am reunited with or forced to by a new camera, I will be posting photos from my point-and-shoot. The quality won't be nearly as satisfying, but then again, it's all about the experiences, right? The Canon, while wonderful, is just a thing. The memories from my trip to Portland and all future adventures to come are what really matter :-) And, perhaps I will be reunited with my Canon in the coming days. If not, well, we will start saving for a new one.

Blessings to all of you :-)


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Ashley said...

are you talking about the wonderful camera that you all just recently got?? hannah, i'm so sorry... that camera was awesome!