Friday, March 23, 2012

03.13 - 03.23.2012

The last few weeks have been consumed with work for me, studio for Scott, and the best part - preparing for my cousin's wedding! I was so honored and thrilled to serve as Matron of Honor and photographer for the event. It was my first wedding to photograph, and with the help of my amazing husband and wonderful mother (who served as photographers during the ceremony), it was a huge success! I am still in the process of editing the 529 total images (yikes!), but the pictures are beautiful and I will post them on my photography blog hopefully sometime this week :)

As for the photo-a-day... I missed a couple days here and there, as-per-usual, but here are the next series of photos:

 03.14.2012 | Long neighborhood walk with Scott - the azaleas are in full bloom here in Houston. Stunning.

 03. 16.2012 | My cousin's wedding was held at my grandparent's beautiful lake house. This is my grandfather watching the goings-on of the rehearsal from the kitchen window. 

 03.17.2012 | The bride on her wedding day, taking one final check in the mirror before the ceremony.

03.23.2012 | Strawberry field where Scott and I picked strawberries this afternoon.

Strawberry-stained lips,


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