Sunday, July 15, 2012

I do, I celebrate, I is a speech-language pathologist!

I will be honest with you guys. June was insane. Positively insane because we had the immense pleasure of photographing four weddings. Negatively insane because our precious little VW Jetta decided it was time for us to pour our finances under its hood ($1200 to be exact - half of its worth).

Refusing to spend another dime on the Jetta, we used Epoxy glue to put the front bumper back on.

But, you know, we survived insane with our heads held high and smiles on our faces. Insane taught us some things about ourselves, such as how when insane comes into my life, Scott takes over and makes me feel like I can do anything - love that man. Insane taught us some things about our marriage, namely that we are still best friends at the end of the day. And insane taught us a thing or two about how to maintain joy amidst her presence.

. I do .
Scott and I, with the help of our friend Michael, photographed four weddings. Four beautiful, fun, sweet, memorable weddings.

And friends, I learned that photographing weddings is a lot of work. You are on your feet for 8+ hours, capturing memories that will happen one time in those individuals lives, directing as needing, and at the end of the day, sitting down for a piece of cake (my favorite part! ;) )

Ashton and I in the van on our way to Chiara's wedding.

But, after all that work, I would and will do it over and over again. I LOVED photographing those weddings! Collectively, we learned SO much about ourselves, about our photography, and about what we can do in the future to make our work better. Thank you, thank you to Amanda, Chiara, Jenna, and Corrie for putting your trust in me and my team and allowing us to capture such a monumental day in your lives :) You each hold a special place in my heart!

Danny made a nice little bed in my suitcase upon my arrival in Belton for Jenna's wedding.

. I celebrate .
We have found the time to celebrate this past month, because life should be celebrated and celebrated well with good friends and good food :) We attended an 80s-themed birthday party to celebrate my friends, Kat and Jenny's, birthdays. We rocked out our 80s attire in style!

The 4th of July was a bit different for us this year. We typically celebrate the 4th of July with Scott's big, extended family on their land out in east Texas. But this year, with the 4th of July falling in the middle of the week, we had an urban celebration with our Houston friends! We enjoyed pool-side hotdogs and sugary treats, then a short walk to Allen Park for the fireworks show.

My homemade blueberry pie - recipe to come!

Melissa and Payton

The hubby and I!

Scotty putting out a roadside fire with two other men on our way to Wimberly, TX (he's on the far right).

. I is a speech-language pathologist .
...and I earned that degree with terrible grammar! JK. But seriously. After 6 years of school and 9 months of a paid, supervised work, I am officially a licensed and fully-certified speech-language pathologist! Hannah Key, MA/CCC-SLP. Finally. Thank you to my parents for paying for undergrad, thank you to my husband for being so supportive during graduate school, thank you to my professors (both undergrad and grad) for sharing your wisdom, and thank you to my Aunt Geana who inspired me to pursue this career and has answered many a phone call regarding my clients. You guys are awesome.

That about sums it up! Here's to a less insane July, and a HOT August!

Sporting my new, Zooey Deschanel inspired hair cut! Go, Bangs!

Dancin' to that 80s beat,


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