Friday, November 6, 2009

A Good Hair Day and Yummy Lunch!

Well, I had the day off today from work and it has been a pretty productive day so far! I got about 80% of my homework done, which means I will be able to observe Sabbath on Sunday! I have started making a point to observe Sabbath every Sunday starting from Saturday night at dinner to Sunday night after dinner. It has been such a great, relaxing time for me and I know Scott enjoys having my time :-) I feel so refreshed by the end of the weekend! God knew what he was doing when he created a day of rest! I highly recommend it!

So, I have developed a habit of not showering since graduate school started... Okay, so that's not entirely true. But my poor hair gets washed about every 3rd day, and when it does get a good scrubbing, man! The difference! Another good thing from God--hygiene. I highly recommend this, too! My hair was suffering from the Houston elements, natural (but not too much) grease, and 2 days of hair elastics for my ponytails. I took a long, hot shower this morning, blow dried my hair, and voila! Perfection!

My clean, fresh hair!

I also wanted to share my delicious lunch with you all... I made myself a pita sandwich with cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, and apple! The combo may sound weird, but it was every bit of creamy, nutty, sweet, and crunchy that I wanted :-)

(I had already taken a couple of bites by the time I got out my camera! I couldn't resist!)

Scott and I are going on a retreat this weekend with our Bible study group to Hearne, TX!! My grandparents' stomping grounds! One of the elders at our church, Jack Wisdom, and his family own property out there and they graciously offered it to us for the retreat. We leave tonight when Scott gets off of work and we will return on Sunday afternoon with smiles and lots of pictures to share!

Well, I need to make some cookies before we go!

We love you all so much and wish you a restful weekend!

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