Friday, January 29, 2010

New Projects

Friends and family,

Another week has FLOOOWWWN by..... and here I sit on my grandparents old navy blue leather couch with Scott's quilt wrapped around my flannel-pajama-covered legs, my hair tossed into some sort of horrid nest, mascara flecks under my eyes, glasses on, and friends--I am LOVIN' it! I was supposed to go into work today at 11:30, but my boss texted me at 9:30 saying that he meant for me to open the shop, but forgot to tell me, so I could have the day off "if I wanted to". If I wanted to???? Of course I will take the day off! I have been productive in every sense of the word except for keeping up my hygiene. Eh, hygiene will come later. Maybe before Scott comes home? Maybe?

So, what have we been up to this week? Scott made me a DELICIOUS breakfast in bed last Saturday morning!

Le Chef!

We woke up at 8:30 and Scott went ahead and got up. I, on the other hand, said, "Nah, just 30 more minutes of sleep." Ended up waking at 10:00 to a made-from-scratch breakfast presented on a beautiful tray given to me by dear-ol'-mom! Wow, was it good!

Scott had to work on Sunday until 12:00, but I went up there to visit him and he took me on a tour of his building. Can I just say I felt like I was Angelina Jolie sneaking around the halls of some mad-scientists lab, gun clutched in my hands, in a black leather body suit, with Tom Cruise just ahead of me solving his Mission Impossible 4! The theme music from Mission Impossible was playing in my head as we walked into the building, through the elevators, into the research labs, onto the roof--"DA-DA-DADA-DA-DA-DADA-DA-DA....BEE-NO-WAH-NAH, BEE-NO-WAH NAH...." (my attempt at spelling out the MI theme song....) This building is something straight out of a sci-fi film! Scott's company is building a cancer research center for UT Medical Center, which explains all of the gas valves, metal cubicles shut off with glass, radiation waste shooters, vessels in which to transport microbials through by means of putting your hands through thick rubber gloves attached to glass.... it was wild. I wish I had pictures because my descriptions do no justice to the amount of COOL that I saw in Scott's build! I was impressed. I told him, "Babe, you know in 10 or 15 years when we come back to Houston with our kids we will drive by here and tell them 'your daddy helped build that'!"

I had my first week of seeing clients this week, which went very well. I have no complaints. On Wednesdays I am part of a diagnostic team, meaning that we conduct a series of tests on different people who have been referred to us by hospitals, parents, schools, etc. Our first one was a woman from Paraguay who wanted to see if she was eligible for accent reduction therapy. Next week we are seeing a little boy from Turkey who is having trouble with his language. I see a client on my own on Thursday mornings; she is a very sweet woman and works really hard! My classes are going well, definitely manageable.

Big news in the land of S&H Key! Last night, WE PAID OFF SCOTT'S SCHOOL LOANS!!!! All of them! In 10 months! YAHOO! Man, it feels good to be debt-free! That is, until I get out of graduate school..... oh well, we can bask in this debt-free bit of our lives for the next year and a half.

We entered in how much to withdraw from our bank (everything we owed).

Pressed "Submit"

And we were debt free at 7:47 pm!

So today, on my glorious day off, I woke up at 6:00 and made bagels for Scott and I's breakfast, caught up on my blog reading, crocheted for a while.....

May I present to you..... the world's SMALLEST crochet hook! It measures approximately 1 1/2 inches in length after suffering a traumatic snapping-in-half-on-accident by its user.

..., made my mom's birthday present!!, and now I am about to start on a window project. Scott and I found some old windows being thrown away in someone's yard! We scrounged about 8 of them and I am taking two large ones, cleaning them, then painting an aspen grove on the glass. I really think it will be lovely. Pictures will be posted as soon as I am finished.

I have talked enough, I think! Have a great weekend--enjoy some of your hobbies--go outside--read a book--something!


Ashton said...

You're so cute! That's all I can think when I read your posts and see how you take pictures of the small details that make life great!

Congrats on being temporarily debt-free! Can't wait to see the finished window project! I love old windows! :-)

Molly said...

I can't get over how crafty you are!!! You're inspiring me...I need to find some frames....;)

And congrats on being debt free! That's got to be the BEST feeling!

Barbara said...

I love your blog. I remember my dad taking me to see a bridge he helped build. I know your kids will love seeing the building Scott is helping to build. You are an awesome support to him. I also appreciate all of your ideas and help with decorating.

Avid Blogger Guy said...

So this is what a blog is! I must say I'm defiantly impressed. So far my only experience with blogs is....well unpleasant. U have inspired me dear Freckle Key! And I shall strive to make my blog better then yours!.....with time of course.

Its going to take awhile...