Sunday, April 11, 2010

Did I let two weeks go by again?!


So sorry for being MIA again..... goodness.

So, you know how I mentioned that I thought April would be better than March? WRONG. MAJOR WRONG. Grad. school is just out to get us speech-pathology students in these last two months!! All of my colleagues agreed that this has been the toughest go at grad. school yet. So, I apologize for not keeping you up to date with Scott I's life, but honestly if I am not studying, writing a paper, or completing a project, I am just too pooped! haha

Just a quick update for you all before I have to get back to studying for a big test tomorrow (a larger update will come soon. Maybe this weekend?)

Scott and I both were so lucky to get the stomach flu this week. Scott had it on Sunday/Monday and I have had it since yesterday with the affects lingering on today.... We were supposed to run a 10K with our friends Jared and Katie in Austin, but they too called and said that they BOTH had the stomach flu. This race just wasn't meant to happen, eh?

How about all of you? Are you in good health?? I hope you don't get this stomach bug because it is truly not fun!

To come in the next post:
-Easter weekend update
-Granola recipe
-Misc. other things.... :-)

Much love and GOOD HEALTH,


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Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about the flu! School has been awful but this is the home stretch. I'm just going to close my eyes and sprint through. Good luck to you!!