Saturday, June 5, 2010

A lot has happened....

Friends and family,

Two and 1/2 weeks this time..... Much has happened. I will break it all down by event, so as not to bore you all. So, event one: My cousin Ryan's wedding.

Scott and I drove up to Kentucky for Ryan's wedding, which happened to fall on the same weekend as our 1 year anniversary. So, because of our soon approaching anniversary and this opportunity to drive to the beautiful Kentucky, we decided to make Ryan's wedding the beginning of a week long adventure in our car. We drove from Kentucky to Tennessee to Arkansas and back to Texas over the coarse of 10 days, stopping along the way to see friends and the sights-to-see. It was a perfect week and we made plenty of memories along the way :-)

I took a lot of pictures at Ryan's wedding/reception with my mom's camera, but unfortunately I uploaded them onto my mom's computer, not mine, so I will share with you the very few that I shot on my little point-and-shoot.

While driving through Mississippi, we found an old, worn down general store, which so happened to be an historical sight so of course, we popped in for a look-see!

Lots of antique medicines, tools, cooking utensils, etc. to be found! Glad we stopped.

The reception for Ryan's wedding was African themed, in light of our family's history (my grandparents were missionaries in Africa for several years in the 60s). Aunt Ronda, Mema, my mom, and Aunt Chiara slaved over the church's stoves and many a crock-pot to serve African curry to about 50 people and it was a huge success! The decor and food was perfect; good job!

The wedding, of course, was beautiful. It is always strange to see a younger relative get married. I always picture them back in the days of running around in diapers with feather headbands and a toy bow and arrow; Ashton and I playing the "damsels in distress", wearing some oversized slip of Mema's as our "princess dress". Seeing him vow his love to a grown woman and sing to her at the reception was just.... beautiful and yet odd. I kept seeing this little boy who always wanted to be the dog when we played "house", but here he was becoming the "husband"; and the "wife" wasn't me or Ashton, but Chelsea. And I must say, she fits the part beautifully and I know they will live a long and wonderful life together.

The next post will take you on our road adventure from Kentucky back to Texas. It will be a longer post, but I'll try to just high light the best parts ;-)



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