Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jewelry Re-Organization!

I had an itch that needed scratchin' and I am happy to say my itch has been soothed! I FINALLY re-organized my jewelry armoire!

Here are the before pictures:

I had every pair of earrings, broaches, and rings neatly tucked away in tiny slots of a velvety jewelry organizer and my necklaces were sagging off of two wire hangers (gag! I HATE wire hangers!!) Bracelets hung from two velvet jewelry display racks. Doesn't sound too horrible, right? I mean, at least it wasn't all cluttered and tangled in a drawer of disarray... But! I needed something more inspiring. I needed to open my jewelry armoire and say, "My! What will I throw on today!" Rather than, "Ugh, I have to dig through this monotony of velvet organizers again?!"

Thus, the jewelry re-org began! Scott was such a dear heart. He went to the hardware store and bought me some cork board and screen mesh, came home, and helped me whip up my new earring holders.

My necklaces now hang beautifully from the already inserted metal rod at the top of the armoire (genius, why didn't you think of THAT before....), my bracelets are nestled in a variety of cups and bowls collected from around the house, my rings are cupped inside of martini classes and tea cups, and my broaches are perched atop a hand-painted plate. Needless to say, I LOVE putting on my jewelry now even more than before. Each morning is like digging through a tiny treasure trove of bobbles and jewels. So fun!

Now for a How-To: How to make a hanging earring organizer

-Two or more picture frames
-Wire screen mesh (found at any hardware store)
-Cork board
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-"Command" strips (or any other really strong double-sided sticky thing)

-Remove glass and backing from each frame, discard

-Cut wire mesh and cork board to fit the INSIDE of the frame, using the glass insert as a template.

-Hot glue cork board to the inside edge of a frame

-Hot glue wire mesh to the inside edge of other frame, making sure to stretch the wire taught before gluing

-Use a piece of scrap cloth to smooth the hot glue over the raw edges of the wire to ensure a secure fit

TADA! Now, to get my new organizers to hang on the inside of my armoire door, I stuck Command strips to the corners of the back of each frame, peeled off the paper backing, and pressed the frames to the door. I used the cork board to put earrings up that don't have hooks (e.g. stud earrings) and the screen to hang earrings with hooks.

Happy crafting!


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