Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More soccer+girl's night

Well, the weekend came and went too quickly, as it always does, but Scott and I spent lots of time with our friends, making memories along the way...

Saturday afternoon we had the Duncan's over for swimming and grilling out before the Houston Dynamo vs. New York soccer game! Our friend Jesse also came over with his 12-year-old friend, E, whom he tutors. E was such a delight! So well mannered and definitely loves his pool-time! Everyone brought something for our cook-out and E's contribution was little packets of orange flavored powdered Kool-Aid mix. So cute :-)

The Dynamo game was a riot!

The team color is this BRIGHT orange, so as soon as we entered Robertson stadium, it was like walking through a sea of E's orange Kool-Aid.

There were two "fan groups" that sat at each end zone and played band music the WHOLE game! This would have been more reminiscent of high school football games, had the two bands been playing the same music instead of competing for air-time with who could play the most obnoxious tune for 2 hours... It sounded more like a 3 year old banging pots and pans than a real band, but hey, they were having fun! New York was winning 2-1 for the majority of the game until the Dynamo scored in the 89th minute (of 90 min. total), tying up the game!

Winner of the Hannah Key's "Most Adorable Fan Ever" award.

Sunday night, Rebekah, Sarah, Emily, and I gathered for a girl's night at the Duncan's house. Rebekah taught us all how to roll our own sushi! A task I thought, surely, was only for the most skilled Japanese sushi artisan. Granted, mine weren't quite as intricately rolled as those you might find at Sushi King, but they looked pretty darn good for my first time! Poor Scott will probably be suffering through sushi about once a month now due to my newly discovered skill...

the veggies.

the fish.

my co-photographer, emily.

the mojito-maker, sarah.

the sushi instructor, rebekah.

my rolls!

green tea sorbet, made by me! (recipe to come soon...)

My first "official" week off has now begun and I am scratching things off of my to-do list quickly! Scott helped me make some earring holders for my jewelry organizing project (which I will share with you momentarily), the house is cleaner than ever, and I finally finished that painting I mentioned about 3 weeks ago! Today I plan on putting new pictures up on our "Wall de Photos" and spending some time in our garden. Scott is working away, but thankfully his job has slowed down this past month, so he is not being nearly as over-worked as before. He's actually working 40-50 hour weeks instead of 70-80! Yay!

Well, that is all for my "update" post. I will next post a few projects that I have been working on....!




Sarah Chidgey said...

So fun! I am glad you documented this wonderful occasion! :o) The sorbet was AMAZING!!

Ashton said...

You are just too cute and crafty. I need you to craft up my house sometime and get it in shape! :) Love ya!