Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Camera!!

Our old camera was never returned. I'm going to make myself feel good by saying that my Canon Rebel is sitting on the countertop of someone's quaint little apartment, used for taking pictures of their new baby because they were unable to have a camera of their own. Yes, that story makes me feel good. It's better than the (most likely) reality that it sits, all alone and squished amongst an array of stolen cameras in some cluttered pawn shop in Houston.

The good news is that insurance covers such happenings, so Scott and I were able to purchase a new camera a few days ago, and it arrived in it's lovely brown box yesterday! We went ahead and purchased the same model (a Canon EOS Rebel T1i), but chose a different lens than the 50mm f/1.8 that we had on the last camera. The package also came with an extra lens, an extra battery, and 3 lens filters! It was a steal of a deal and we are thoroughly enjoying every piece :-) The two lenses we now have are the standard Canon 18mm-55mm f/3.5 lens with an image stabilizer and the "extra" lens is a Tamron 70mm-300mm Macro zoom lens. The quality of the photos taken by the zoom lens is good, but the smoothness of the gliding of the lens is not great. You have to more or less force the lens to zoom in and out.

I have yet to play around with the lens filters. The UV lens filter is pretty standard, so I keep it on the lens all the time to protect the lens. The other two filters we have are a polarizing filter and an "FLD" filter.... haven't done enough research on either to really appreciate their uses yet, but that will come :-)

Here are a few of our first photos taken from the new camera! Raw and unedited!

Many, many more to come :-)




Katie Claire said...

Well, I'm sorry your camera was never returned. BUT, I'm so excited that you got a new one!!! with an extra lens!!! Your post about Sarah was beautiful. Hope to talk to you sometime this week friend :)

Sandy D. said...

How fun is that, so cute!