Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving was a little different for us this year. We drove to Belton in two separate cars because Scott has his final, muy importante (very important) project due tomorrow (Monday), which meant that he was only able to spend Thanksgiving day and part of Friday with us. Poor love spent all of Thursday attached to his computer, completing various things that I have yet to fully understand (renderings, drawings, Rhino, vectors, floor plans, section views, explosions.... a whole new vocabulary!)
At the Keys

At the Huddlestons

We spent Thanksgiving Day with Scott's family :) We had a nice, relaxing day preparing food and watching football. I am going to take a moment and feel sorry for myself, as I watched the A&M vs. UT game in a house full of UT fans... I almost had bragging rights... ALMOST. Ugh.

We headed out to my parents house on Friday morning so that we could take the 20-something annual Huddleston Family Christmas Card Picture. I put this in all caps as this event has historically been one of the most stressful, exhausting, cry-inducing  highlighted events in our year; certainly worthy of a title. Thankfully, as we have gotten older and more "mature", it is not nearly as painful of a process. Here is a sneak peak:

I stuck around through Sunday playing 90-minute games of Settlers of Catan with my family (I still can't win the silly game!), helping Momma in the kitchen, and watching movies. 

My daddy and His Hair (also worthy of a title).

I am so thankful for the smiles, laughs, and stories that we shared this Thanksgiving.

Still stuffed,


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