Saturday, July 4, 2009


It's the 4th of July! Yet another reason for my huge family to get together, and  I love every second the madness! My Aunt Geana's birthday is on the 3rd and my grandfather's on the 6th, so the 4th of July weekend is a big celebration for my mom's side of the family. We all gather at my parent's home in Belton, TX for a weekend of great food, excellent desserts, and golf. There are 15 people total broken down into 8 adults and 7 grandkids. Not to mention the 9 dogs consisting of 1 albino doberman pincer that is afraid of the ceiling fan; 3 miniature dauschunds, one of which wets himself and whimpers with excitement at the sight of new people, one just a mousy little sweet heart, and the third a ginger colored pup with black eyeliner, which we believe suffers from the dog version of ADHD; 1 rottweiler appropriately named "Bear" because of his bear-like stature and the size of his over-grown pumpkin head; 3 Boston Terriers, notoriously hyper but simultaneously nervous dogs; and one little 5 pound furry rat named Lexi. The whole clan fits in the house much like the trinkets in Mary Poppins bottomless purse. One might wonder how the bunch fits in this house, but one by one we enter and exit with ease. 

The women in my mom's family ALL have this high-pitched chicken giggle laugh, which I too have inherited, and hearing the 5 of us laugh because of a mishap in the kitchen or a story about the men is music to my ears! You will see these women dressed to the nine's in their saggy and baggy cotton pajamas illustrated with various pictures of dogs, fairies, flowers, and rubber ducks until it's time to prepare lunch. We grudgingly rise from the kitchen table ornamented with remnants from breakfast and go our separate ways to transform into elegant beauties. 

The men have a love for teasing the women and upon their success each billows a deep laugh from the bottom of their gut. Golf is a weekend must for these men of ours and despite the 16 years of golf experience, they come home proclaiming their scores of 95, 94, 93, 90, 87, and the champion comes in at an all-time low of 80 (usually carried by my youngest 18-year-old brother, Levi.) 

Scott has come into the Bruner clan gracefully and sadly will never learn to play golf. 

It will be yet another fun and loud weekend filled with billowing laughter and chicken giggles surrounded by the distant chorus of barking dogs.

Blessings and peace to you on this exciting holiday!

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