Monday, November 8, 2010

It All Began 8 Years Ago....

Here is a brief photo reel of our first year of dating....

First day of school, Junior year

Scott's new truck.... he misses it.

At a friend's house after my tennis tournament

My momma took photos of us at our 3 month mark

FREEZING soccer games.... I attended MANY.

Homecoming. His mom made my mum :-)

Youth group adventures

Awww...... ;-)


Ashton said...

Aww, this is so precious! I remember all of these pictures and I feel so honored to have seen it all from the beginning :)

Katie Claire said...

So sweet. Is it possible that Scott looks like one of your brothers in the first picture? No? Too weird, huh? You guys look so young :)

marissa said...

You guys are so precious! Hannah you look the same but Scott on the other's good he has grown up a bit ;) Thanks for sharing your beautiful "love story"