Thursday, December 23, 2010


So..... I had a birthday a few weeks ago!! My parents came into town to celebrate with Scott and I, which was so much fun! They hadn't been to our place in about a year (no excuses, Mom and Dad...) so we had a blast taking them around Houston. My mother made me an oh-my-gosh-so-rich-so-decadent Devil's food cake that was from Heaven (well, maybe Hell?) Ohhh so tasty.

Scott surprised me with a TRIP to see one of my DEAR friends, Katie, in PORTLAND, OR!!! I have always wanted to go to Portland and could not be more thrilled about this trip!! Katie, can't wait to see you, love!! Please check out her very cute and inspiring blog: Katie's blog

We took my parents to the Holocaust museum, breakfast at Baby Barnaby's (BEST breakfast in town), Half-Price Books (Daddy loves books), our church, and then to dinner at Lupe Tortilla (BEST fajitas in the WORLD). We went over to Lights In the Heights to meet friends after dinner--so many sparkles to see and music to hear... and alcohol spilled on my shoes.... seriously woman-who-spilled-red-wine-on-my-shoe, don't drink and walk!

Dad, I think a "man purse" is supposed to be an across the shoulder bag....

Lights In the Heights was freezing...

On my actual birthday, Scott cooked me a fabulous dinner of lemon chicken alfredo. The chicken alfredo tradition began on my 16th birthday, our first birthday to celebrate as a couple, because chicken alfredo was my favorite meal at the time :-) Since then, I have chicken alfredo prepared by Scott on my birthday each year.

Only my 6th piece or so....

Stay tuned for a post about my best friend's wedding (for reals, not the movie...)

Blessings and Merry Christmas!!

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