Monday, December 27, 2010

Gift Wrapping Ideas

This post would have been more helpful, oh... say..... 2 weeks ago? But, like you, the holiday season has been busy, busy!

For the past few years, I have tried to be more creative with my gift wrapping. Not creative to the point of making gift wrapping a living nightmare (though, for some, it might already be...). This is simple creative. Little, 2 minute touches that add some personal flair to gift wrapping. Please tailor these ideas to reflect your personality. See these ideas as inspiration for your own creativity!

Other things to use besides traditional, pre packaged wrapping paper:
-brown bags
-butcher paper

Little touches to add some flair:
-paper punch-outs
-newspaper flowers (see tutorial below!)

Other things to consider:
-Instead of putting the ribbon on across the middle of the package, try placing it in the top or bottom 1/3 of the package
-Rather than putting a bow in the middle, try a corner or off-center
-Layer different pieces! Maybe wrap the package in brown paper, place a doily on top, then wrap with brown string...

So, here is what I did this year for gifts! We had some left over newspaper and two drawers of loose ribbon (I really like ribbon). With these two items, I had a field day decorating!!

To make the newspaper flowers:

*What you need*
-newspaper scraps

*What to do*
-Cut three circles out of the newspaper, mixing black/white with colored pieces. They don't have to be the same size, nor a perfect circle! Remember, this is supposed to be quick!
-Using your scissors, make tiny slits around the perimeter of the circles

-Stack the three circles, placing larger circles on the bottom
-Thread the needle and sew the circles together like you were sewing on a button (criss-crossing the stitches on the top surface of the circles)

-Now, working one circle at a time, scrunch up of the paper so that some "petals" are raised, and others lay flat

-Tape to your package!!


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