Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rodeo Houston|Houston Rodeo

The end of February through the end of March marks the time of the year for the Houston Rodeo, one of the biggest rodeos in the nation! Scott and I were lucky enough, or perhaps crazy enough, to attend the rodeo three times this season! All for free! Thank you work promotions and friends with connections :-)

Here are some photos of our excursions:

Rodeo Houston I


Good laughs

Good food


Sweet friends :-)

And NO rodeo trip is complete without a visit to the porta-potty...

Rodeo Houston II

Waiting for the train to come...

Isn't he handsome!

Please notice that the cowboy is off of the bull. You will notice his boots in the bottom left corner of this photo.

Scott's co-worker, who got us into the rodeo that night--Thanks!

Trace Adkins concert to follow!

Rodeo Houston III

So apparently, the third visit to the rodeo was either
a) only memorable for the food OR
b) so much fun that I neglected to take more than 2 photos....

I'll go with "b"!

That's all til next year!

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