Monday, July 4, 2011

A bike ride.

07.04.11, Esteli, Nicaragua

Well... quite the adventure this morning! We rented bikes from our hostal to ride around the city in and make our way to a nice organic cafe called ¨La Casita¨, only to find that our bikes could not change gears, the breaks worked when they chose to work, and when we arrived at La Casita, it was closed. Apparently it is no open on the first Monday of the month, which happens to be when we decided to go. My bike was stuck in the lowest gear, which was not a pretty site. I´m sure the locals got a good laugh at me pedaling my feet as hard and fast as they could go without making much, if any, forward progress... I looked like Scooby Doo.

We did, however, find some really neat street art. Most of the murals and grafiti here is political. The images are so passionate, bold, and profound. We have really enjoyed stopping to take photos of the art.

Eating Scooby Snacks,


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