Saturday, July 30, 2011

Outfit :: All American Aztec

It was surprisingly not unbearably hot this morning here in Houston. "Not unbearably" meaning that it was 88 degrees at 10:00am instead of 93 degrees. BUT, that 5 degree difference was enough to put me in a sundress and walk down to the Museum District with my hubby!

We slowly meandered down the sidewalks until we reached the Contemporary Arts Museum, which I had never visited before.

We decided to take the outfit photos at the museum, after we had been walking in said 88 degree heat for 20 minutes. Good backdrop. Bad idea. I was drenched in sweat by the time we got there from head-to-toe. We took a break to sit on a concrete bench right after taking the photos and I'll just say that when I stood up, there was a dark spot in the shape of my thighs when I stood up, and my dress was awkwardly plastered to my tush. Pardon me, while I peel my dress off my bum...

Scott snapped this photo as I was directing him via air-traffic-control-person-hand-signal to take the photo in front of me. Follow directions, babe! ;)

Dress :: Forever 21
Belt :: Forever 21
Sandals :: Marshalls (gift)
Earrings :: gift
Necklace :: combination of charms from prior purchases
Headband :: no idea. had it for years!
Sunglasses :: Forever 21
Purse :: Target

Hot sun shining in my face,


P.S. I FINALLY figured out how to make my photos bigger on Blogger! Woohoo!

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Katie said...

Cute dress Han! :) Can you please share how to make your pictures bigger!!!! After blogger changed I can't figue it out

miss you friend