Sunday, August 7, 2011

Have your cake and eat it too.

This weekend, we celebrated my daddy's 40-something-th birthday in my sweet little hometown. Birthdays are a BIG DEAL in my family. Everyone from the extended family that can make it drives to my parents' house for EVERY birthday. Be it a cousin, an uncle, a grandparent, we all celebrate together.

There was cake...

There was a new puppy...

There was Catch Phrase...

I absolutely love going back to my hometown. Something about driving up 6th Ave., turning right onto Beal street, and driving through those all-to-familiar neighborhoods, looking at those same trees, those same houses, makes my heart warm.

I love being attacked by my parents' huge Labradoodle as I enter the back door,

I love how Danny pees from excitement when he sees me, I love how loud my family is when they tell stories, I love that no matter how hard I try to sleep in I am always awoken by the sound of barking dogs, I love when the dining room table becomes alive with the chorus of hen cackles and belly chuckles of laughter,

I love kisses from Gram, I love tiny winks from Mema...

Yeah. Home is just good.

With chocolate cake in my belly (and probably some in my teeth),


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