Saturday, August 27, 2011

Who Says Coral is for the Beach?

I can't resist purchasing flowers at the grocery store! The first thing you see immediately to the right when you walk into HEB is the floral section, thoughtfully placed there for people such as myself who cannot seem to walk by without picking up a few stems.

To my credit, I always go for the cheaper $4.00 bundles and mix-and-match a few to create a bouquet that I love :)

Today, I was drawn by the pinks and corals. The Gerbers were bursting with pink radiance and the "Rice Flowers" were looking quite spritely in their coral wonder. Toss in some tiny white flowers and I had my selection!

I used my red-orange tea kettle to bring out the coral tones of the flowers even more.

Sunshine in my window,


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Anonymous said...

May be my favorite so far =)