Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Not Quite 1 Year Anniversary Shoot

As many of you know I am a budding photographer, and have recently found the time to practice my skills (since I'm not in graduate school anymore!). I purchased a photography book called Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson (highly recommend this one if you are new to photography) and I have already become more confident in shooting in FULL Manual mode (ah!). But, like anything worthwhile, practice makes perfect. And boy, do I still need lots of practice! And it's difficult to practice when you don't have a subject. I would have enlisted my husband, but I wasn't really interested in having lots of photos of just... well.... him.

So I called up Melissa.

Melissa and I have been close friends since college. She got me through college. I was MOH in her wedding, and we (thankfully) still live in the same city. She got married in December of 2010 to a wonderful man, named Payton. It's not quite there 1st anniversary, and I definitely missed the opportunity to shoot their engagement photos by... oh.... a year and a half. But, being the dear heart that she is, when I called her last night at 10:00 p.m. asking if she and Payton would be willing to pose for me this morning, she said "Sounds fun!"

Thank you for letting me practice on you guys :)

Dirt on my feet,



Anonymous said...

I love it! They look great Hannah.

-- Elizabeth Arizpe

emily said...

Great job! And for the record- my kids would love to be your subjects any time we are in Houston visiting my mom! You know- just incase you want to practice on littles!
Emily Payne

David Michael said...

Very good!