Saturday, December 31, 2011

Key Family Christmas

(This is just the cousins...)

Every year, the extended Key Family (about 40 people total) gets together in small-town east Texas for a BIG lunch/dinner, Chinese gift exchange, four-wheeler rides, rifle shooting.... and more eating. But mostly, it's a day full of smiles, joy, and laughter. Lots of laughter. Big, billowing, laughter.
 Scott's friend from architecture school, Jun, came with us!
The Chinese gift exchange is always a riot, and the source of most of the laughter, as we relentlessly steal each other's gifts, scheme with our spouses to ensure that we get the gift we want, and open the one gift that no one is really sure that they want (this year it was a coin bank in the shape of a man's naked bum with his pants pulled down.... you can probably imagine where the coins were inserted.... and I will spare you the detail that when the coins are inserted, the coin bank farts....)
 Yes, that would be a tool for castrating cows. Oh... Chinese gift exchange...
The above mentioned coin bank.

Castrating tools and farting coin banks,


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