Friday, December 23, 2011

My 25th Birthday

My birthdays have only gotten better over the years. Not because of better gifts or more friends. But because I have grown to appreciate the presence of a few people that I know and love, people that know and love me, at a place that is familiar, enjoying a few simple kind gestures, and laughter.

My 25th birthday was filled with just that :) My parents came into town for the weekend, took me out for a nice dinner, made me a birthday cake, walked the zoo with us, and watched a movie on our tiny laptop on our 3-seater couch. I had dinner with a few close friends at my favorite Mexican food restaurant, followed by a couple of cocktails at my favorite cocktail bar. It was a simple, relaxed and fun weekend - just what I wanted :)
Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes, helping me ring in the mid-20s surrounded with warmth and kindness :)

25 candles,


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