Thursday, December 8, 2011

Laura | Maternity | 12.04.11

Doing on-site photography can be a bit tricky - will there be enough natural light in the house? What are my surroundings going to be? If there's not very much natural light in the house, what are my options for outdoor photography?

Well, Laura and Shawn's home was the perfect place for taking some personable and charming maternity photos :) I drove up to the beautiful brick home, ivy growing up the sides, and lovely white-framed windows. I was greeted at the door by Laura, beaming in that way that only expecting mothers do. Her step-son, Jacob was close behind, about to be a big brother for the second time :)

I had such a fun time photographing this family! Though, I am beginning to think that rainy weather should just be expected when I take maternity photos (remember Kati's maternity shoot?)! It rained on and off for the whole 2 hours of shooting, but we took advantage of all moments, both wet and dry :)

Rain drops keep falling on my head,



Anonymous said...

What can I say...LOVE!!!


TheCarruths said...

Hannah those are absolutely incredible! LOVE!