Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kati's Maternity

I had the immense pleasure of taking maternity photos for my friend from graduate school, Kati. She was beautiful as a not-pregnant woman, and now she is stunning as a mother-to-be! The threat of rain was immanent, but it held off for us and we were able to capture some lovely photos of Kati and her soon-to-be baby boy.





Seeing blue,



TheCarruths said...

Hannah, those pictures are beautiful! You are so stinking talented :)

Anonymous said...

So GOOD!!!

Erika said...

Kati is a friend of mine from teaching. I didn't know it was possible for her to be anymore beautiful than she already was. Hannah- you have such a great eye and talent. I love your ideas and work!

HannahKey said...


Kati is beautiful inside and out! She was so easy to photograph! Thanks for your compliments :)