Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's Labor Day weekend! Hooray! I hope each of you has made wonderful plans of lounging, eating, and spending time with family and friends. I know I am :)

Scott is off on a road trip to Nashville, TN with a buddy and I am in San Antonio with my college roommates! We try to get together, all 4 of us, at least once a year. But, we are one short. Hannah (yes, I am referring to a roommate, not myself) got sick yesterday so she was unable to join us :(

The sky on our way to San Antonio. Wow. Love Texas.

We are staying at Elizabeth's new home and it is just TOO cute! Her style fits her personality perfectly :) We were greeted at the door by the beast you are about to see featured. His name: Apollo. His stature: HUGE. His personality: sweet as a lamb. Couldn't resist doing a photo shoot with this guy! He was a perfect model. Compliant. Creative with his poses. Dramatic in the eyes.  ;)

Dog slobber on my face,



Anonymous said...

And I thought Phoebe was big =)

Anonymous said...

Oh and I LOVE the sky pictures especially the second one!!!