Friday, October 30, 2009

Cooler Weather

Friends and Family,

Houston has been graced with chilly weather on this All Hallows Eve! The high today is 65 and it has only just hit 62 degrees! Fall in Texas is my favorite time of year, easily. Sunshine, cool breeze, long-sleeve shirts, and soup! Such a yummy season.

This week has been so relaxing. This was my first week without midterms in about a month, so I have just been floating because nothing is baring weight on my shoulders! I find my feet inches off of the ground sometimes! It's refreshing. Scott is happy, too, because I have not been spending every minute of free time studying.

Scott and I are hosting a Halloween party at our place tomorrow night! We invited friends from our Bible study group and neighbors in the complex for a night of costumes, Halloween movies, and food! It is the first Halloween party I have ever hosted, so hopefully all goes well. Scott and I are dressing up as a Mac and a PC, like the commercial. It is truly fitting for us since I use a Mac and he uses a PC and we often have the "which one is better" debate. Plus, we had no money for costumes so dressing up in normal clothes will be perfect! I hope you all have seen these commercials, otherwise this costume probably makes no sense!

Work was really slow today, but it was nice to pick up a few extra bucks. The usual Taft Street Coffee faces came through today, despite the chilly weather. Soup and lattes were a popular buy and for good reason! I think I had three cups of Earl Grey tea throughout my shift to keep my innards warm!

Here is part of our week in pictures:

Just cleaning the house!

Our friends were having a "pumpkin party" last weekend and Jesse and Scott decided to see how far apart they could get and still catch a tossed pumpkin. Well, they found out when it busted!

Scott made a really yummy pumpkin pie cheese cake! It was de-lish!

Scott made us gallo pinto for dinner one night, topped with a fried egg, and a glass of orange juice! It was FANTASTIC!

Well, that is all to tell for now! We love you all.

Have a safe and candy-filled Halloween!

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