Thursday, October 1, 2009

Graduate school...

I couldn't believe it when I looked at my last blog post and realized it was almost 2 months ago!! I also noticed that my last blog post was BEFORE I started graduate school, which explains everything.

Graduate school has taken over! It's a lot like... exercising for me. I was hesitant to start, but I knew it was what I needed to do. So, I hopped on the treadmill and started walking for a while. Then, out of nowhere, someone reached from behind me and cranked up the speed to a jog. Before I knew it, the speed was adjusted to a full-on sprint and I couldn't seem to find the big, red button that says "STOP!!" (exclamations added for emphasis.) So I'm running and running and sweat is pouring down my face, the tread on my shoes is depleting, and I am exhausted. But, I know that the minute I try to step off of this treadmill of which I have no control over, my feet will leap right out from under me and I will land on the treadmill with my cheek to the track and a big headache.

Praise our good Lord, I have found the button that slows this treadmill down and I am attempting to manage my stress and time in a way that is bearable. I am pretty much either at school or doing something FOR school from 6am to 9pm and I take the occasional break to catch up on my favorite design/craft/DIY website, "Design Sponge", or read my Real Simple magazine, or hang out with my wonderful and incredibly patient husband. I have night classes three times a week, so Scott and I's schedules totally overlap giving us about 2 hours a day to see each other. Bummer. He is such a dear though. He cooks for me at least twice a week, keeps the house clean, takes the trash out, and keeps me sane, ha.

When I'm not in school or doing things for school I am spending time on my hobbies, all of them. Last weekend I sewed some new curtains for our guest bedroom and I baked some tasty plum and pear souffles. Today I cooked Scott and I a good lunch and ate with him in the park. I have learned even more so than ever to absolutely ABSORB every minute of peace and fun that I have and most of all, make every moment with Scott worthwhile. These moments are usually brief, but brevity adds up and fuels me for the next grad. school assignments.

I love you all.

Hopefully it won't be 2 months before my next post!


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