Friday, October 9, 2009


Happy Friday to all!

This is the one day I don't have class, but also the one day I DO have work. I am working the "long-open" shift, which actually means I am working 8 hours today. I love my job, though! It is yet another way for me to be creative, making "latte art" in everyones drinks and making pretty food presentations on the plate. All while listening to a catchy playlist of Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright, and Regina Spektor. Oh happy day!

It was Scott's 23rd birthday yesterday! I got up at 5:15 to make him a yummy breakfast of biscuits, gravy, and sausage. I can't take credit for making the biscuits or sausage from scratch, but I did make the gravy from scratch! I always saw making gravy as this unachievable task (even though it's only butter, flour, and milk.) Not sure why three ingredients and a whisk intimidated me before... but I conquered the gravy and it was delicious and the perfect consistency!

Scott had work, I had a client, skipped my night class, went to Whole Foods, and made Scott a New York Strip steak with mushroom and red wine sauce, parmesan smashed potatoes, and a vinegar/vegetable salad. Dessert was some Peanut Butter(scotch) Bars with vanilla ice cream. It was a really nice time with just the two of us. His big party is on Saturday night with our friends from small group.

Believe it or NOT! A COLD front has come through Houston today!!! It is just the perfect temperature outside with a promise of a high of 75 degrees tomorrow! Yahoo! Fall has finally blown its way into Houston.

Friday night plans are dinner, movies, and snuggling with my best friend :-) Love it.


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