Saturday, March 6, 2010

You Can Dance If You Want To

Well..... another week has gone by! The title of this post will be explained later, I promise. For now, I will clue you in as to what we have been up to these past 7 days...

I decided to clean my car last Saturday. It was.... gross. Those of you who know me are thinking "yeah, right, you probably had one receipt on the floor board and MAYBE a CD out of place". But, seriously, it was hideous! I was waiting for the weather to warm up before I cleaned it and I may have waited a month too late. Here is a list of SOME of the things I found:
1.) Conversation between Hannah and Scott:
Scott: "What happened to all of our glass tupperware that we keep our leftovers in? I need to pack my lunch."
Hannah: "I don't know, did you leave them at work? Maybe they are in your car?"
Scott: "Yeah, I will check tomorrow."
THE TRUTH: There were 3 glass tupperware containers WITH food in them hiding under the seats of my car! Sick.

2.) All of the ingredients to make my mother's delicious Hot Chocolate recipe. If you've made this before, you know that you need whole boxes of everything on the ingredient list. These ingredients consumed the entire rear of my car. Too bad the weather is hot again and these ingredients will sit somewhere in our apartment until next winter.

3.) Clothes hangers
4.) A tennis racquet
5.) 3 jackets
6.) 2 car jack stands that don't even belong to us
7.) A portabella mushroom. A real one. One big, plump mushroom + one month in a hot car= small, shriveled, crusty mushroom.

8.) And....... 4 BAGS OF TRASH!!! FOUR!!! Mind you, these were grocery sack size, but STILL.

Well, my car is VERY clean now and smells like a new car, mostly because Scott bought me a car scent that is named "New Car". I wish I would have taken pictures of the after, but I did not. Maybe those will come next week? My goal is to keep my car clean at least through the Spring.

In garden-growing news: Our "starters" have ALL sprouted! Yeah!! Tomatoes, tomatillos, jalapenos, and bell peppers are in their next phase of life :-) Scott and I transfered them over to bigger pots this afternoon to give them more room to grow. Watching a micro-sized seed grow into a plant is truly miraculous. God is SO cool.

Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE the look of a bowl full of fresh fruit?!

School/Work: My Wednesday diagnostic team assignment was canceled, my Wednesday night class was canceled, and my Thursday morning client canceled. What did that mean for me? FIVE DAY WEEKEND! Which I should have used to write my report that is due next Friday, but I didn't. Oops. Scott's project at work is supposed to be completed by the end of this month, which means that he won't be as busy! Yeah! There is talk that his next assignment might be in the Woodlands, which is a 50 minute drive WITHOUT traffic.... yeah.... we're hoping that he gets to stay inside the loop. Be praying for that one.

This weekend, our church was hosting a Prom as a fundraiser for "Living Water", a non-profit that digs wells in third-world areas of different countries that don't have access to clean water.
Let me preface the following event with this disclaimer: I DID NOT like prom in high school. I liked dressing up, but I HATED dancing. I always felt so stupid, so I would just sit at the tables and let Scott go and dance. Every wedding, party, prom, etc. that involved dancing, I have NEVER done it; I just don't like dancing at all.

So, how was I feeling when we bought tickets to this prom hosted by my church? Stomach-in-knots-nervous. I knew that I would feel pressured to dance because I knew most of the people there. But! What I thought to myself was, "Hannah, none of these people know that you don't like to dance except Scott.... so.... you could just trick yourself into thinking that you like dancing and no one will make a big deal out of it...."

Cue song: "You Can Dance If You Want To"

Now, Mom, Dad, what is about to follow may shock you: I DANCED THE WHOLE TIME!!! Wahoo!!! I just got out there, told myself that everyone else looked just as stupid as I did, and I DANCED for two hours straight! I danced with strangers, I danced with Scott, I danced in a circle with friends and it was SO liberating!! I actually really enjoyed it and I dare say that I will never be afraid to dance again! Ha! My fear of dancing, cured. Mom, you should try this some time ;-)

Let me explain the outfits..... The theme was "Dress through the ages" and since Scott and I's prom was only 5 years ago, our prom outfits weren't quite "dated" enough to be cool. So, we went as the nerdy couple. That's right: nerd prom.

Please note the bow-tie. Nice touch, babe ;-)

My get-up included: Navy blue cardigan over printed dress, calf-length white sock, brown slide-in Mary-Jane's, glasses, hair pulled back too tight, corsage.
Look at me dancing!!!

Well, that updates things around here. I promise that immediately after I publish this post I am going to post some recipes that Scott and I concocted and a tutorial on how I made my mom's birthday gift.

Blessings and love.


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Ashton said...

First of all, my car is DIS-GUSTING and your post has inspired me to do the same. There is NO TELLING what I will find. Last time I found a bag full of rotten apples.

Second, I am SO PROUD of you for dancing. It is liberating, isn't it? When you just let loose! I was the stand by the punchbowl girl at prom, too, and now I love to get down! haha!

Love you! Enjoyed your posts!