Tuesday, June 14, 2011

just checking in...

so.... i can´t figure out how to make a capitol letter on this international keyboard, so pardon my poor grammar....

we picked up our friends, eric and emily, on sunday and are so happy to have them with us! always better to travel with friends. we made our way to san juan del sur on sunday evening to hang out at the gorgeous beach and check out their local library owned by a non profit in the usa to get a feel for what a successful library in nicaragua looks like. we learned a lot and will certainly be taking some of their methods to el transito.

on monday night we stayed at a beach, playa el coco, in a beautiful private room with access to the beach. we saw hundreds of crabs on the beach!

today we made our way to granada, nicaragua. we will be purchasing some of our first books for the library here, as well as seeing the sights!

more in depth details and photos to come tomorrow night, hopefully. i am just at an internet cafe, so i don´t want to take up too much time...

buenas tardes!


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