Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some pictures

Here are a few pictures! It takes FOREVER to load pictures with this internet, so I will only post a couple. Check in later for an update!

On the road to El Transito!

Working with the local women on Tuesday, 06.07.11

Scott coming out of the bathroom. The building behind him is the Arts Center. The kitchen and a storage room make up the inside, and the women make the bags on the porch seen to the right.

The local poultry. Don't worry, the pig is not dead. He is just taking a "siesta" (nap) on a family's porch. Pretty normal around here.

View from our front porch. The wall you see in the backround is our bathroom at the house.

The beach that we live on. You can see the fishing boats in the distance. Our house is the small white house with the slanted roof directly left of the boats.

Playing frisbee on the beach.

Toes covered in sand. The sand is black and coarse, like ashes nestled in the world's largest ash tray.

I will be typing up a journal post later on today, hopefully. We can't find our journals, so we'll see...

Much love.



Melissa Bartee said...

I love the pictures, looks like y'all are already adjusting beautifully! Praying for you constantly as God uses you :)

Ashley said...

You can't find your journals?! Haha, oh no. Do you think someone took them? Love the photos, though! (As always, of course.)