Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Library is OPEN!!!

As of yesterday, our library is open!! We had a very successful first day! I will let the journal do the talking...

Day 21 - El Transito, Nicaragua - Monday - 06.27.11 - 4:38 p.m.
What a perfect opening day for the library! We started the day by mounting fans on the library walls and painting the library sign. Scott made us a fritata for lunch. We went to the public school to announce the library opening, and read a book to one class.

The kids showed up at 1:00 for our opening day parade. Emily made adorable animal masks for them to wear, and Scott hired 2 men with a truck that had a megaphone attached to teh top to follow us around announcing the new library as we marched the streets of El Transito holding our books high!

Just a pig in the mud :)

We returned to the library around 1:45 to see a few kids waiting at the library. At 2:00 the library officially opened! Children of all ages, about 20 to 25 total, went into the library, took down book after book, sat in a char, and read them cover to cover! The four of us wandered amongst the kids, reading to them and listening as tey read to us or told us what their favorite animals were. It was such a success! Darwin, our librarian, and 3 of his volunteers were so good to make sure that the books were put away appropriately and properly cared for. It puts a smile on my face knowing that more children will be here tomorrow at 2:00 to READ!

This is Christian, our little 2 yr. old neighbor! He got bit up by some sort of bug a few days ago, hence the weird scars on his face and arm.

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daddyO and honey said...

Your posts show so much work and pleasure too!! I'm so glad you were able to take this time and serve and enjoy all that God has for you. peace. thanks for sharing!!

Denise Chidgey said...

What a joy to bring books to the lives of children! Blessings and God's peace. Love to you all.